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Introducing Sinu-Clear at RSI

Introducing Sinu-Clear at RSI

Our surgery center is now proud to announce our newest procedure, Sinu-Clear, with Dr. Paley.

This advanced laser surgery is designed to treat and correct the annoyances of nasal and sinus disease.

Many people are affected by sinus problems that diminish the quality of everyday life. You deserve better.

If you suffer from bothersome symptoms such as sinus headaches, postnasal drip, facial pressure, sinus allergies, or congestion, then Sinu-Clear treatment may be the right choice for you.

This laser surgery is also capable of removing nasal polyps or correcting deviated septums.

The surgical procedure is much safer than conventional techniques. After surgery has taken place, patients can return back home the same day with minimal to no bleeding.

Patients are free to return to work normally in a few days’ time. Do yourself a favor and contact Dr. Harvey Paley to learn more about this revolutionary laser technology, Sinu-Clear.

To contact Dr. Paley, please call (310) 278-9171 or visit his website

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