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Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Beverly Hills Explains Procedure

My name is Daniel Golshani, I’m a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I’ve been in practice for the last 13 years in Beverly Hills, California.

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A very common operation performed by plastic surgeons is called a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. Very commonly after having children, women experience looseness in their abdominal wall, commonly associated with stretching, creating a bulge, and sometimes stretch marks.

Patients are generally disconcerted and unhappy about it. They’re usually very self-conscious about their situation. Often times they’re ready to make a change that will allow them to have a flat abdomen by removing the loose skin, restoring their confidence and enabling them to comfortably enjoy life again. They want to be able to confidently put on a bikini, go to the beach, and overall be more sociable.

Tummy tuck is a very safe operation, but I have to look for risk factors before the procedure takes place. For example, if a patient is a smoker then they have to stop smoking several weeks before the operation because smoking puts them more at risk for complications. I also want to make sure patients are not on birth control pills as we do not want to increase the chances of a blood clot. The procedure generally lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on what procedure is being performed.

During the procedure, I always tighten the muscles in patients who have separation or stretching of the muscles. I use a very special technique for this. The shape of the umbilicus is very important to patients and is also important to me. We want to make sure we have great results where scars are either invisible or hiding within a bikini line. It is important that you receive the best results possible.

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A lot of times I perform lipectomy (or liposuction), which is direct removal of fat, in areas that are safe and will not create problems with the outcome of your tummy tuck. To make things even more complex, with the advent of autologous fat grafting, fat that is removed can be replaced back. This procedure has a very good outcome.

I’ve been doing autologous fat grafts for the past 10 years and can successfully augment the buttocks and create fullness in the buttocks that may be lost over the years because of aging. Some patients who have flattening of the cheeks or aging of the face can be restored by simply injecting fat that has been prepared specifically for the face. We can improve your face without incisions. We can inject fat to areas of the face just through the use of a needle. Fat is a living transplant where half of it survives and stays there permanently. Fat grafting has aesthetically pleasing results.

Fat grafting cannot be done on everybody. It has to be done correctly and is a very artistic process. You can’t just inject fat and hope for the best. When it’s done correctly for the right patient, it can have excellent results.

Tummy tuck is one of the big slam-dunks of plastic surgery. Patients are always having tummy tucks in my practice. Even though it’s a simple operation, it’s a life-changing process. I believe it’s a very gratifying operation for many patients. It changes their life, enables them to feel self-confident, become active, change their wardrobe, and even find a new job. It’s amazing what I see after a tummy tuck.


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