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Breast Reduction Surgeon in Beverly Hills Explains Procedure

My name is Daniel Golshani, I’m a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I’ve been in practice for the last 13 years in Beverly Hills, California.

A common procedure I perform is breast reduction surgery. Patients generally return home after the procedure is finished. Recovery is usually very quick over a matter of a week or two. Patients are able to return back to work, and return to living a much more active and comfortable life.

You may be thinking about contacting us for a consultation for breast reduction if you have experienced chronic neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, poor posture, deep grooves in the shoulders, or cuts and rashes around the breasts as a result of very large and heavy breasts. We can help you from the moment you undergo the consultation by helping you with conservative management, support, physical therapy [if helpful], and then make recommendations on whether breast reduction surgery is effective and helpful in your case.

breast reduction before afterA very important aspect of breast reduction surgery is its technicality. It’s a very technical operation. I believe that it’s not only an artistic procedure but also a very mathematical procedure. During breast reduction surgery, the patient undergoes two separate processes: one is the obvious fact that we reduce the size of each breast significantly; the other is how we aesthetically create an excellent result where your breast shape improves. If your breasts are unequal in size or different in terms of their droopiness, then we bring them to be more equal and symmetric. We preserve the good aesthetic a breast has by preserving the curve underneath the breast and maintaining its shape. As a result, the patient not only undergoes a breast reduction but also a breast lift and significant aesthetic improvement.

Patients are normally very happy after the procedure because they feel lighter on their feet and are capable of performing more difficult physical activities. They even feel happier in their daily routine. They also feel that their breast shape improves, they look younger, feel younger, and they’re very happy with the aesthetic results of their breast reduction procedure.


Breast Reduction Surgeon in Beverly Hills

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