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Laser Sinus Surgery – When is it a Better Choice?

laser sinus surgeryOur sinuses can be very fragile, responding to various types of pollen that come and go every season. There a variety of treatments for sinus relief, with surgery typically being a last resort. A common question from those suffering from chronic sinus problems, known as sinusitis, is: when does laser sinus surgery become the better choice?

Typical treatments include many different kinds of decongestants, antibiotics, antihistamines, mucus thinners, anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and even steroids, nasal sprays, vaporizers, neti pots, pulsating irrigators, saline nose drops, and of course various lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and the like. How many of these listed have you tried to no avail? Or maybe you have found success, but it was only temporary? These are the kinds of situations that surgery attempts to fix.

A scenario in which sinus surgery becomes the better choice is when your airflow is severely limited. You need oxygen to survive, and this occurs both through your mouth and your nose. If one of these doesn’t work to its full potential or at all, then you will not be receiving a healthy intake of oxygen necessary for survival.

If you have a serious infection that spreads outside of your sinuses, then it’s time for laser sinus surgery. If you are suffering from nasal polyps or other nasal obstruction, then sinus surgery is the better choice. If you’re just plain tired of treating the symptoms and not the cause, then surgery could be a favorable option.

Far often, people do not want to undergo surgery simply because they’re afraid. The thought of surgery causes them anxiety that they would rather avoid, especially if there are other treatments that have a chance at offering relief. This is the beauty of Sinu-Clear® laser sinus surgery… it’s a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve any surgical incisions. Instead, it uses advanced lasers and a specially designed endoscope that allows the doctor to view the inside of your sinuses with precision.

In short, when your allergies or sinus problems are so severe that they interfere with your daily activities, then you may want to consider surgery as a viable option.

You won’t be cleared for any surgical procedure until a thorough consultation has been performed, which can be done by a board-certified sinus specialist at Rexford Surgical of Beverly Hills.

Breast Augmentation: 5th Generation Silicone Implants

There are 3 primary reasons why one would seek out or consider breast augmentation.

breast augmentation1. Reconstruction: the replacement of breast tissues damaged by trauma, disease, and failed or sub-par anatomic development, such as deformity due to an internal condition.
2. Revision and reconstruction: to revise (correct) the outcome of a previous breast reconstruction surgery.
3. Augmentation: to aesthetically enlarge the size of and enhance the feel and shape of the breasts.

5th generation silicone implants, aka gummy bear implants, were first introduced to the market in the mid-90s. The main benefit of silicone-gel vs. saline composition is the elimination of the possibility that the saline will leak into the body and the implant will find it’s way into another part of the body as well, causing health complications and costly surgical remedies, not to mention emotional trauma.

Medical studies conducted in 2004 and 2005 reported low rates of rupture of the silicone “device shell” and greatly improved rates of safety and efficiency compared to earlier generation of breast implant devices.

In case you are curious or cheeky, don’t eat your silicone implants, they don’t taste like gummy bears. The technical term for these silicone implants are “form stable implants”, as classified 5th generation by the FDA. The only FDA approved 5th generation implant on the market is manufactured by Allergan. The 5th generation silicone has no ripple when turned on it’s side, as would be created with saline solution filler and noticeable in some 4th generation implants. When comparing the 5th to the 4th generation silicone implants, the difference is in the stability. 5th generation silicone maintains it’s shape; it will not conform to the space it’s in, like silly putty or memory foam, which is exactly what defines 4th generation silicone.

silicone implantsWith careful evaluation of what the benefits and costs are for your non-saline implant options, your augmentation needs can be met with either the 4th or 5th generation. If one is thin, with thin skin, a visible ripple can occur in the 4th generation model silicone. So, for thin ladies, or those who are working on becoming 100% lady, lest we forget that people come in many packages, the 5th generation silicone may give you the most peace of mind. For those augmentation candidates who are secure in their choice of implant shape, the 5th generation’s stable form silicone will stay true to form with no ripple effect.

I predict that doing away with the option for the 4th generation implants is the next evolutionary step for augmentation in the US. The stability and aesthetic feel that the 5th generation offers, gives patients the security in their choice to undergo breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, regardless of the reason. It’s something to shift out of fear and possibilities of something going wrong, into something to get excited about!

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty – Do I Have a Choice?

open vs closed rhinoplastyRhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is said to be one of the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries — poor surgical technique can lead to permanent deformity. The care of a rhinoplasty specialist is a must for this procedure, because even with their expertise, these specialists realize that no result is perfect.

First, the cautionary facts about rhinoplasty procedures — With weak genes that are evident a person’s poor cartilage and skin quality, or for someone with the tendency to take a lot of time to heal when injured, a “nose job” is a definite risk. One with good general health, firm nasal cartilage, and forgiving skin, has the best prognosis for a great surgery and pleasing “after” photos. That being said, today’s rhinoplasty technique is more predictable, accurate, and more effective now, than at any other time in history.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

So, what are my choices? Open vs closed rhinoplasty. This simply refers to the access method used to temporarily remove the nasal skin for exposure of the skeletal framework. Depending on the condition of your nose, the choice is yours. Take into consideration the benefits of each approach, as well as your surgeon’s recommendation for the type of nasal condition and purpose of your surgery.

If your nose job is strictly for beautification purposes, no threat to quality of health, closed rhinoplasty may appeal for the mere fact that it leaves no visible scar. However, many of the most effective techniques of contemporary rhinoplasty can only be performed through the open approach.

First, with the closed method, or endonasal rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nostrils. No part of the incision can be seen externally, so visible scarring is out of the question. However, because the right and left nostril incisions remain disconnected, repositioning of the nasal skin is difficult and the entire operation must be conducted through narrow surgical openings with limited visibility. Because access to the nasal framework requires vigorous stretching of the nasal skin, distortion of the nasal cartilage is also inevitable.

Unlike closed rhinoplasty, the open, or external rhinoplasty approach, uses a trans-columellar incision, to connect the right and left nostril incisions. In exchange for this minute visible segment, the nasal skin can be folded back, giving your Beverly Hills surgeon clear visibility of the lower nasal skeleton.

Beverly Hills surgeonAccording to interviews with many rhinoplasty surgeons, open rhinoplasty has truly revolutionized the treatment of complex nasal deformities, such as cleft-lip rhinoplasty, twisted noses or severe post-rhinoplasty deformities.

The risk for scarring is associated with open rhinoplasty, but the benefits and ease of procedure usually outweigh the impact of average scar’s visibility. Health and healing before image. With the right surgeon in your corner, one who is invested in the best physical results, you can trust that whether the best option is the open vs closed rhinoplasty, that minimizing risk is a top priority.

Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills – Which is Best for You?

mommy makeover beverly hills

Mommy Makeovers Are Not Created Equally – Each Mother’s Experience is Different

There’s no doubt becoming a mother changes your life. The commitment, the level of love and attachment that comes with a baby is a beautiful thing. What isn’t so beautiful can be the changes your body endures after 9 months of creating a human being. That’s where the concept of the mommy makeover comes in. If you care at all about the well being of your body after giving birth, you’ll take action to ensure that, first and foremost, you restore your body to it’s optimal health.

There can be physical complications that arise from the surge in hormones, the way you carry your baby over the 9-month span, and whether or not you choose to breastfeed. For those mothers who want their bodies back, the mommy makeover is a perfect choice that consists of various procedures unique to your preferences: breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, body sculpting, breast augmentation, face lifts, and thigh lifts.

So, how do you decide what is the right package to get your baby body back in top form? Consulting with your mommy makeover plastic surgeon on your body’s current condition, and where you stand in relation to your internal health, will give you the foundation to start. Once an action plan is in place to treat any immediate threats to your body that doesn’t involve cosmetic or plastic surgery, you can begin an exercise regime that will prepare your body for your “mom job”. Working with a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, you’ll be praised for your jump-start on an exercise plan as a pre-op necessity, and the journey to well being begins!

Entrusting yourself and your future body to a surgeon can bring up issues around trust in the unknown, and the reality of how your baby body has been impacting your life since giving birth – decline in self-worth, embarrassment of your body, anger, post-partum depression, and an impact on your new relationship with your husband/partner-turned-father. Addressing those issues under the care of a recommended therapist would clear up your state of mind and together you can formulate a timeline for surgery, as soon as it’s right for you. Because we all want the best possible results from our mommy makeover all the way around – from mental and physical health to healthy relationships.

A great resource,, houses a special online community that puts women in touch with the experiences of other mothers, new and repeat, who are ready to transform their bodies to reflect how they feel as a new mother: Proud!

Ultimately, every body is unique and the mommy makeover that’s right for you will depend on your post-baby body needs and your aesthetic desires. Connecting with other women via their shared experiences on is a fantastic way to get real insight on what to expect from various procedures used in a mommy makeover.