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Skin Care Tips to Prevent Skin Damage this Halloween

halloween skin care tips, skin care advice, skin damage, beverly hills dermatologist Halloween is a great time for dress up, which often times requires a fair amount of makeup to be applied in order to bring your costume to life. However, there are many makeup brands that will often leave its users itching to wash it off as soon as they can. Your Beverly Hills dermatologist gives you a few pointers this Halloween in order to help prevent skin damage from makeup application.

Label Reading is Key

Many cosmetic products are cheap and tempting to purchase, but cheap is not always the best. When you’re looking for various cosmetic products, make sure you are reading the labels on the back. The emotional distress from cheap products may not be worth the price tag despite the fact that you will only be using most of these products for one day/night.

Specifically you should be searching for cosmetic products that are FDA approved, made in the United States, and contain organic ingredients. This often times denotes a product of quality.

Test It

After you’ve made your purchase on a product you believe seems to be of high quality, then you are going to want to test it out on a separate area before applying it to your face.

Products may be FDA-approved, made in the US, and contain all organic ingredients, but this doesn’t mean your face will approve of it. Our best advice is to simply apply the makeup to your arm and see if there is any reaction that occurs. If there is, then you know it’s time to return that product and search for a new one.

Did You Moisturize Your Skin?

Both your body and skin need hydration. Before applying your fancy Halloween makeup, you are going to want to apply a layer of moisturizer to your face as your base. This will help your skin stay fresh and hydrated throughout the night.

Don’t Forget to Wash It Off

It’s sounds incredibly obvious, but believe it or not people will go to bed with all of their makeup on which inevitably leads to clogged pores. Clogged pores often result in nasty breakouts of acne that could have been avoided had you washed the makeup off the night before. Our advice is to set an alarm at midnight reminding you to wash it off.

We hope these tips keep you from skin damage this Halloween so that you can enjoy your time and have fun with your friends and family.

Happy Halloween from the team at Rexford Surgical Institute!

Post-Op Rhinoplasty Concern: Lump or Bump on my Nose?

rhinoplasty bumps, lumpy rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty swelling, bumps on nose rhinoplasty

Board certified professionals should make the final decision!

You decided to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, took off the tape and splint, looked into the mirror, and were generally pleased with your new nose. However, after more careful observation, you discover what appears to be a lump or bump on or around your nose. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Lumps/Bumps are Common Post-Op Rhinoplasty

Many women begin wondering if their nose bumps will be permanent. The truth is, this is actually a very common occurrence in patients that have went through with a rhinoplasty procedure in order to correct or enhance the features of their nose. And no, they are not permanent.

Your Beverly Hills board certified rhinoplasty surgeon comments on the issue: “A minor bump can develop under the skin of the nose for a variety of reasons following rhinoplasty.

Causes are commonly scar tissue, underlying normal bony or soft-tissue anatomy, and underlying modified bony or soft-tissue anatomy. I don’t necessarily like steroids and use them in very dilute amounts as they can alter skin thickness or color, however it should be safe to inject them in very small amounts.

A gentle, directed massage of the nose by the patient, and only as instructed by the surgeon is sometimes helpful. If the bump doesn’t go away, it is best to wait 6 months to a year before having revision surgery.”

It May Take Some Time

Chances are, not many others will notice these bumps. We all have a tendency to scrutinize our bodies looking for any minor imperfections or flaws. This is understandable, but with any surgery there is a long period of time that is required for your body to heal.

These lumps or bumps you discover on your nose are swollen areas that are trying to heal and the more you focus on it, the longer it will seem before you get the results you seek. Stick to Dr. Golshani’s advice as he answered a concerned user’s experience with rhinoplasty on wait up to a year and see where you stand.

However, you should still get in touch with your plastic surgeon in order to make absolutely sure that the lumps or bumps are indeed a case of swelling and not a different complication such as a cartilage irregularity which can be successfully corrected by your surgeon. It’s always best to let a licensed board certified professional make the final decision.

Understanding Fall Allergies and How to Fight Back Naturally

fall 2014 allergies, understanding allergies, fighting allergies natural foods

Don’t let allergies get to you this fall, fight back naturally!

Fall is officially here (and has been for a couple of weeks now) leaving many of us who suffer from allergy-related sinus attacks in a hurry to figure out the best ways to fight back. Allergies may be so severe in some people that it causes them to believe they’re coming down with a sickness.

Understanding Fall Allergies

Many patients that seek sinus treatment often ask why their allergies cause them so much trouble. We’ll explain this concept. Allergies are commonly caused by pollen that literally floats through the air and enters your body either through your nose, mouth, ears, or eyes. During fall, most of the pollen is generated from a plant found throughout the U.S. known as ragweed.

When ragweed enters our system, our body begins to process it as a threat and therefore acts to rid of it, even though it’s harmless. It’s an autoimmune response in which the body attacks itself in order to rid itself of a foreign substance.

Allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, is centered in the nose causing a variety of symptoms including sneezing, runny nose with mucus discharge (clear colored), watery eyes, and other bothersome symptoms that decrease our productivity. Later on, symptoms may turn into a stuffy nose, sore throat, and other symptoms related to the common cold.

Fall Foods that Fight Back

Antihistamines have shown excellent relief in treatment of fall allergies, but sometimes we prefer a more natural option. Does one even exist? Of course. Try eating more of natural fall allergy-fighting foods and see if they help you out. Don’t expect an overnight cure, however.


Some of the best fall foods also happen to aid in allergy treatment. Pumpkins, kale, and carrots are all rich in carotenoids, which can help you fight off the fall allergies naturally.

Vitamin C

Sinus problems are largely related to inflammation problems and vitamin C has shown effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory and boost to your immune system. This fall, look for broccoli as a great way to obtain a high amount of healthy vitamin C.

When All Else Fails…

If you cannot find relief through natural foods or over-the-counter medications, then sinus surgery may be your best option. It aims at addressing the cause, rather than the symptoms. Rexford Surgical Institute features a board certified sinus surgeon that uses an advanced technique to clear open your sinus passages.