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Understanding Fall Allergies and How to Fight Back Naturally

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Don’t let allergies get to you this fall, fight back naturally!

Fall is officially here (and has been for a couple of weeks now) leaving many of us who suffer from allergy-related sinus attacks in a hurry to figure out the best ways to fight back. Allergies may be so severe in some people that it causes them to believe they’re coming down with a sickness.

Understanding Fall Allergies

Many patients that seek sinus treatment often ask why their allergies cause them so much trouble. We’ll explain this concept. Allergies are commonly caused by pollen that literally floats through the air and enters your body either through your nose, mouth, ears, or eyes. During fall, most of the pollen is generated from a plant found throughout the U.S. known as ragweed.

When ragweed enters our system, our body begins to process it as a threat and therefore acts to rid of it, even though it’s harmless. It’s an autoimmune response in which the body attacks itself in order to rid itself of a foreign substance.

Allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, is centered in the nose causing a variety of symptoms including sneezing, runny nose with mucus discharge (clear colored), watery eyes, and other bothersome symptoms that decrease our productivity. Later on, symptoms may turn into a stuffy nose, sore throat, and other symptoms related to the common cold.

Fall Foods that Fight Back

Antihistamines have shown excellent relief in treatment of fall allergies, but sometimes we prefer a more natural option. Does one even exist? Of course. Try eating more of natural fall allergy-fighting foods and see if they help you out. Don’t expect an overnight cure, however.


Some of the best fall foods also happen to aid in allergy treatment. Pumpkins, kale, and carrots are all rich in carotenoids, which can help you fight off the fall allergies naturally.

Vitamin C

Sinus problems are largely related to inflammation problems and vitamin C has shown effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory and boost to your immune system. This fall, look for broccoli as a great way to obtain a high amount of healthy vitamin C.

When All Else Fails…

If you cannot find relief through natural foods or over-the-counter medications, then sinus surgery may be your best option. It aims at addressing the cause, rather than the symptoms. Rexford Surgical Institute features a board certified sinus surgeon that uses an advanced technique to clear open your sinus passages.

Adult-Onset Allergies – What Triggers This Sudden Phenomenon?

adult-onset allergiesWhen your body responds to an allergy, it releases an antibody known as Immunoglobulin E, which is responsible in causing the common symptoms of allergies that are bothersome: sneezing, itchy eyes, hay fever, rash, etc.

Experts are baffled when it comes to finding out why allergies suddenly develop in adults when they haven’t had any problems since birth. It’s a troubling question, but different theories have been proposed over the years.

Theories of Adult-Onset Allergies

The theory that seems to hold the most truth is this idea that a changing environment is a primary reason why an adult would suddenly develop nagging allergies. A great example is when you move to another state, city, or home. When you change climates or areas, you may be introduced to allergens that you haven’t been exposed to before, triggering a response in your body.

Allergies tend to suddenly develop in adults during the ages of 20-30. These are common ages when an adult moves from their parent’s home, an environment they have become accustomed to, into their own home or place that may expose them to allergens that they were not originally exposed to.

A more subtle approach that may hold truth is the “hygiene hypothesis”, which proposes that those whose bodies are too accustomed to environments that are very clean most likely have immune systems that will overreact to certain allergens if exposed to them.

Of course, genetics always play a crucial role in the development of many problems you may develop over the years. In short, if your parents suffered from allergies at some point, then you too will most likely suffer as well.

Our immune systems become weaker and weaker as we age. This could serve as a possible reason why even older adults experience a host of allergy problems in their retirement years.

Viruses could also trigger allergies in certain people. It could be as simple as a common cold virus that sets off an individual’s allergies.

Believe it or not, sometimes it can be mainly in your head – psychological. The physical symptoms are very real, but the way we deal with the situation could make us more or less aware of the symptoms present. Experts have confirmed that the placebo effect is strong in those with allergies. In other words, staying busy or keeping your mind occupied could serve to help you out.

Effective Treatment of Sinus Allergies

If you are suffering from allergies affecting your sinuses that do not respond to a variety of different treatments, then you may want to consider an alternative approach that involves the use of lasers: Sinu-Clear. Talk with our Beverly Hills nasal specialist to learn about this exciting fix.

Laser Sinus Surgery – When is it a Better Choice?

laser sinus surgeryOur sinuses can be very fragile, responding to various types of pollen that come and go every season. There a variety of treatments for sinus relief, with surgery typically being a last resort. A common question from those suffering from chronic sinus problems, known as sinusitis, is: when does laser sinus surgery become the better choice?

Typical treatments include many different kinds of decongestants, antibiotics, antihistamines, mucus thinners, anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and even steroids, nasal sprays, vaporizers, neti pots, pulsating irrigators, saline nose drops, and of course various lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and the like. How many of these listed have you tried to no avail? Or maybe you have found success, but it was only temporary? These are the kinds of situations that surgery attempts to fix.

A scenario in which sinus surgery becomes the better choice is when your airflow is severely limited. You need oxygen to survive, and this occurs both through your mouth and your nose. If one of these doesn’t work to its full potential or at all, then you will not be receiving a healthy intake of oxygen necessary for survival.

If you have a serious infection that spreads outside of your sinuses, then it’s time for laser sinus surgery. If you are suffering from nasal polyps or other nasal obstruction, then sinus surgery is the better choice. If you’re just plain tired of treating the symptoms and not the cause, then surgery could be a favorable option.

Far often, people do not want to undergo surgery simply because they’re afraid. The thought of surgery causes them anxiety that they would rather avoid, especially if there are other treatments that have a chance at offering relief. This is the beauty of Sinu-Clear® laser sinus surgery… it’s a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve any surgical incisions. Instead, it uses advanced lasers and a specially designed endoscope that allows the doctor to view the inside of your sinuses with precision.

In short, when your allergies or sinus problems are so severe that they interfere with your daily activities, then you may want to consider surgery as a viable option.

You won’t be cleared for any surgical procedure until a thorough consultation has been performed, which can be done by a board-certified sinus specialist at Rexford Surgical of Beverly Hills.

Sinus Problems: Summer Allergies of 2014 are Coming Soon

With the summer season fast approaching, it’s not uncommon that many Americans will suffer from various cases of allergies, ranging from mild to severe. Let’s talk seasonal allergies, as most of you may not be familiar with how they even cause problems.

First off, what is the source of seasonal allergies, in our case: summer allergies. The main source of seasonal allergies is pollen. Typically, grass pollen is the worst culprit at the beginning of summertime.

Secondly, what is pollen exactly? Good question. Pollen is a microscopic grain that is responsible for the reproduction of plants. To keep things simple, you can think of pollen as a male plant’s sperm. Pollen is typically carried by wind, but insects can carry these grains as well. When pollen lands in our sinuses, that’s where problems may arise for those who are susceptible.

summer allergies

So what’s the best way to prepare for the summer allergy season?

One thing you can do is to limit your exposure outside, as you’re most susceptible when the pollen is flying across your face, blowing into your nose. But let’s be honest, who wants to do that? Being in the great outdoors is fun and for some of us, it’s just the way we live. The good news is that you can actually build up a natural tolerance to plant pollen. The bad news however, is that a plant’s pollen changes frequently. Don’t let a fear of summer allergies keep you from enjoying quality time outside!

Over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines and decongestants may help bring you relief by aiding your sinuses in the natural draining process. A concern should be developing a dependence on these drugs.

Nasal irrigation is a safer approach that has proven effective for some. The traditional method, a neti pot, involves a simple solution of saline water that flows through your sinuses, cleaning them out along the way. More advanced nasal irrigation systems include pulsating irrigators that blast the same saline solution up into your sinuses, supposedly delivering better results and lasting relief from allergy symptoms.

If worst comes to worst, you may want to consider a sinus specialist that may be able to perform procedures aimed at fixing your sinuses, allowing them to function properly. Our Beverly Hills sinus specialist is uniquely skilled in all problems or issues related to your ear, nose, and throat, including summer allergies.


Introducing Sinu-Clear at RSI

Introducing Sinu-Clear at RSI

Our surgery center is now proud to announce our newest procedure, Sinu-Clear, with Dr. Paley.

This advanced laser surgery is designed to treat and correct the annoyances of nasal and sinus disease.

Many people are affected by sinus problems that diminish the quality of everyday life. You deserve better.

If you suffer from bothersome symptoms such as sinus headaches, postnasal drip, facial pressure, sinus allergies, or congestion, then Sinu-Clear treatment may be the right choice for you.

This laser surgery is also capable of removing nasal polyps or correcting deviated septums.

The surgical procedure is much safer than conventional techniques. After surgery has taken place, patients can return back home the same day with minimal to no bleeding.

Patients are free to return to work normally in a few days’ time. Do yourself a favor and contact Dr. Harvey Paley to learn more about this revolutionary laser technology, Sinu-Clear.

To contact Dr. Paley, please call (310) 278-9171 or visit his website

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