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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Capsular Contracture In Breast Implants

capsular contracture breast implants

Don’t Worry, Be Happy About Your Breast Implants!

What is Capsular Contracture?

First off, it’s important to understand what capsular contraction is and how it can potentially arise. Capsular contracture is a phenomenon that has a very low possibility of occurring after breast augmentation procedures such as receiving breast implants.

We’ll illustrate the situation for you. You just received your breast implant, which in your body’s eyes is a foreign object that it is not exactly sure what to do with. Naturally, our body prevents the object from growing or moving around by forming a capsule of scar tissue around it. Again, this is all supposed to happen. Now, if this capsule begins to contract, or increase in size, then it has a possibility of squeezing the implant causing symptoms such as pain, stiffness, shifting, distortion, and breast hardness. The contracting of this capsule is known as capsular contraction.

Should You Be Worried About Capsular Contracture?

Women who are aware of this phenomenon will often worry is it will happen to them. Dr. Golshani, a board certified breast augmentation surgeon, took it upon himself to address this concern on a popular community known as realself.com. A concerned user wanted to know what her options would be if capsular contracture had occurred in her 11-month-old breast implants.

Dr. Golshani’s Response: “At 11 months, with saline implants the chances of capsular contracture are very low, but it could still happen. Mobilization, Shoulder rolls, Singulair off-label use are all ways to prevent is from progressing as well as the use of a bandeau. But I wouldn’t worry about it yet if you don’t have any symptoms.

Rates of capsular contracture have been as high as 20-30%, but these risks can be lowered with the use of 5th generation textured silicone implants under the muscle, modern scientifically supported surgical techniques, and good patient compliance.The new 5th generation Silicone textured implants under the muscle have superior look and feel, and one of the companies has a capsular contracture rate reported at less than 5%, and they even provide a warranty against capsular contracture within the first two years based on their research results.”

In short, no you should not be worried about capsular contracture because there’s a very low chance of it occurring, especially in saline implants and with modern surgical techniques. However, if you are still worried then there are precautions you could follow in preventing it.

Preventing Capsular Contracture

If you are unable to shake the anxiety off of your shoulders, then there are a few steps you could take in further decreasing your already low chances of capsular contraction from occurring.

-Follow any post-op procedures that your surgeon advises.
-Take any medication as prescribed by your surgeon.
-Quit smoking before and after your surgery to allow for a quicker recovery.
-Light physical activity. You want to make sure to avoid adding pressure to the area if you decide to exercise.
-Do not expose yourself to radiation. Make sure any doctors are aware of your procedure before trying to give you an x-ray.

Board Certified

If for any reason you suspect capsular contraction is occurring in one, or both, of your breasts, then you could seek out a board certified breast implant surgeon who can give you a full evaluation in determining if this phenomenon is occurring and then suggest the following steps in order to reverse and correct it.

Dr. Golshani is a board certified Plastic Surgeon that has been performing breast augmentation procedures for over a decade. Visit our website or contact our office if you have any questions or inquiries regarding breast implants or other breast augmentation procedures.

Breast Augmentation: 5th Generation Silicone Implants

There are 3 primary reasons why one would seek out or consider breast augmentation.

breast augmentation1. Reconstruction: the replacement of breast tissues damaged by trauma, disease, and failed or sub-par anatomic development, such as deformity due to an internal condition.
2. Revision and reconstruction: to revise (correct) the outcome of a previous breast reconstruction surgery.
3. Augmentation: to aesthetically enlarge the size of and enhance the feel and shape of the breasts.

5th generation silicone implants, aka gummy bear implants, were first introduced to the market in the mid-90s. The main benefit of silicone-gel vs. saline composition is the elimination of the possibility that the saline will leak into the body and the implant will find it’s way into another part of the body as well, causing health complications and costly surgical remedies, not to mention emotional trauma.

Medical studies conducted in 2004 and 2005 reported low rates of rupture of the silicone “device shell” and greatly improved rates of safety and efficiency compared to earlier generation of breast implant devices.

In case you are curious or cheeky, don’t eat your silicone implants, they don’t taste like gummy bears. The technical term for these silicone implants are “form stable implants”, as classified 5th generation by the FDA. The only FDA approved 5th generation implant on the market is manufactured by Allergan. The 5th generation silicone has no ripple when turned on it’s side, as would be created with saline solution filler and noticeable in some 4th generation implants. When comparing the 5th to the 4th generation silicone implants, the difference is in the stability. 5th generation silicone maintains it’s shape; it will not conform to the space it’s in, like silly putty or memory foam, which is exactly what defines 4th generation silicone.

silicone implantsWith careful evaluation of what the benefits and costs are for your non-saline implant options, your augmentation needs can be met with either the 4th or 5th generation. If one is thin, with thin skin, a visible ripple can occur in the 4th generation model silicone. So, for thin ladies, or those who are working on becoming 100% lady, lest we forget that people come in many packages, the 5th generation silicone may give you the most peace of mind. For those augmentation candidates who are secure in their choice of implant shape, the 5th generation’s stable form silicone will stay true to form with no ripple effect.

I predict that doing away with the option for the 4th generation implants is the next evolutionary step for augmentation in the US. The stability and aesthetic feel that the 5th generation offers, gives patients the security in their choice to undergo breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, regardless of the reason. It’s something to shift out of fear and possibilities of something going wrong, into something to get excited about!