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Ingrown Toenails: When and How Should I Treat Them?

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Let a professional handle this one.

Ingrown toenails occur when one or both sides of your toenail begin to grow into the sides of our toes, generally causing us pain. Ingrown toenails are often the result of poorly trimmed nails. Some of us may even have developed a habit of picking our toenails – this will almost always lead to an incorrect toenail that has an increased chance of becoming an ingrown. Either way, an ingrown should be treated as early as possible before a bacterial infection occurs.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Now, the real question is should you treat an ingrown toenail by yourself at home. The answer depends on how severe your ingrown is. Typically, if the ingrown is causing slight irritation and the area surrounding it is red and slightly swollen, then it can be successfully removed and treated at home. Let us warn you: DO NOT use a dull or sharpened knife of any sort – instead, use a sharp nail trimmer.

Always clean or sterilize your trimmers before you perform any at home treatments to prevent infection from occurring. Before you begin to trim the nail, we advise you soak your foot into warm water for about 15-20 minutes to soften the area. When you begin to trim the nails, trim them straight across the top. Stay away from just clipping the corners only. This is most likely how you developed an ingrown to begin with. Your toenail should be evenly aligned across the top, not bent or curved in any way.

Important: If you are unsure on how to handle an ingrown toenail, then always revert to a foot and ankle specialist.

When You Should See a Podiatrist

So you’re probably wondering: when should you see a podiatrist, or doctor that specializes in foot and ankle complications? Here are scenarios in which you should see a podiatrist:

-You have diabetes (or any other condition that affects blood circulation)
-You are suffering from nerve damage in your foot
-Most common: A bacterial infection has developed around the sight that is characterized by a presence of pus.

Concluding Thoughts

Poor trimming does not only cause ingrown toenails. It’s also very important to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes that not only support your feet, but your back as well. If you have to spend the extra few bucks for a pair of shoes that “feel right”, then we advise you do so.

Your Beverly Hills podiatrist offers a quick and easy solution to removing ingrown toenails while providing a way to block future ingrown toenails from occurring. If you are not sure on how to handle an ingrown toenail by yourself, then you should always let a professional handle the situation.