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Just How Popular is Breast Augmentation in America?

Just how popular is breast augmentation in AmericaBreast augmentation is a wildly popular cosmetic procedure; so popular that is happens to be the #1 cosmetic procedure performed on women. For curiosity sake, ever wonder just how popular breast augmentation is in America?

Based on data provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery since 1997, a specific user was able to come up with this interesting percentage.

1 in 26 women have undergone breast augmentation in America.

This amounts to around 4% of the total population of women in America. Depending on how you look at the situation, this may or may not seem like a large number. Most would likely see this as an astonishingly high number.

However, there are certain considerations to be aware of to account for the possibility of overestimating this statistic that was generated by a writer at DataLab. The considerations can be found here.

Main Takeaway from the Numbers

Regardless of whether you believe this number to be large or small, one thing is for sure: breast augmentation is indeed popular. Why is it so popular? Well, you can speculate many reasons as to why it’s a popular procedure, but it comes down to one important factor: society cares about the way you look. From job searching to your friends and family, people are quick to judge.

Cosmetic surgery is not necessarily a bad thing either. In fact, for many women it helps them restore their confidence because of a heightened self-esteem. Confidence goes a long way in our society, too. And with the advanced techniques and tools in the field offered today – breast augmentation becomes much more affordable as well as more convenient.

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