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Removing Saline from Breast Implants to Reduce Size?

removing saline from breast implants to reduce sizeThose with breast implants are familiar with saline and how much of it was used to generate appropriate-sized breasts that catered to their needs. However, some patients receive breast implants that end up being too large for their tastes – often depressing these individuals. Many women wonder if it’s possible to remove saline from their existing breast implants in order to avoid replacing them. Is this even possible?

RSI Breast Surgeon’s Feedback

Dr. Golshani of Rexford Surgical Institute provides his very own feedback on removing saline from breast implants in order to reduce their size. The full answer is provided on realself.com where he has also answered many other thought-provoking questions related to cosmetic surgery procedures.

In short, Dr. Golshani first mentions that you should always wait at least 6 months before going back for a revision. Often times, patients quickly jump to the conclusion that they need their implants tweaked or fixed because of something they noticed early on. Make sure you follow your surgeon’s directions on post-op procedures – including healing times.

To answer the initial question… Yes, removing saline from a breast implant is possible but Dr. Golshani warns those who are considering it: “Removing saline from an implant may damage the port at the time of tubing insertion into the hub, but this is a rare event.”

Schedule a Consultation

Over-filling an under-filling implants also result in unwanted scenarios, so it’s important to discuss these matters in person with your surgeon. If you’re concerned, then schedule a consultation with a board-certified breast implant surgeon in order to discuss the matter in more detail, despite what you are able to find on the Internet. There are various factors that must be considered before deciding to remove saline from a breast implant. Surgeons cannot suggest the best plan of action unless you are physically examined in person.