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Weighing It Out: Reaching Ideal Weight Before a Tummy Tuck?

ideal weight tummy tuckPatients that are considering a tummy tuck procedure as a way to eliminate the looseness they experience after dramatic weight loss or even pregnancy often wonder if it would be a good idea to lose the extra pounds before electing to undergo a tummy tuck procedure.

Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck Surgeon Answers

Dr. Golshani, a board certified tummy tuck surgeon in Beverly Hills, states, “the most important factor is reaching a plateau”. Plateauing is a term used to describe a situation in which you cannot see any more results despite repeated efforts to increase your exercise routine.

“The second most important factor is both your age and skin type. If you have few stretch marks and healthy skin with excellent elasticity, then your chances of having a very successful tummy tuck are much higher and you should go through with the procedure as soon as you can.” The only way this can be determined is through an evaluation with a plastic surgeon.

Many patients lose the last 15-20 pounds after they perform the tummy tuck both because of the skin removal and the psychological factors associated with procedure – leading many to believe that losing the extra weight is not a necessity.

However, Dr. Golshani notes, “factors such as self confidence and drive lead to more exercise, improved lifestyle and breaking through the plateau. If your skin elasticity is not as good you may want to push a bit harder to lose weight before you get that tummy tuck. But I wouldn’t wait too long after reaching a plateau.”

Always Get Evaluation From A Board Certified Surgeon

If for any reason you are thinking of undergoing the procedure, but are hesitant, then you should always receive a thorough evaluation with a board certified surgeon who can view your situation from a different perspective, offering helpful advice before recommending the procedure. The tummy tuck procedure is a life-changing operation for most patients that will help you move forward in your journey.

Dr. Golshani is an active member on realself.com where you can read several other of his personal responses regarding many different procedures that users are concerned with. He is committed to providing his patients with accurate information that aids in their quest to find the right answers and treatments they seek.