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RSI’s breast augmentation will turn heads.

Breast implants have been an overwhelmingly popular choice for many women. The procedure aims at increasing the fullness and size of the breasts. It can also improve the symmetry and overall shape and appearance of the breasts. Breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift or even a mommy makeover procedure including tummy tuck or liposculpture .

With the advancements in implants and plastic surgery techniques a variety of choices are available to our patients including the most advanced textured gummy bear implants, shaped implants, and minimal incisions that are barely visible. With these new techniques we can significantly reduce complications such as capsular contracture and deliver beautiful aesthetic results for a lifetime.

Rexford Surgical Institute is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. Our group of board certified plastic surgeons excel in the art and science of breast plastic surgery and are considered experts in breast augmentation and breast lift with gummy bear, silicone, and saline breast implants, as well as minimal incision breast augmentation. We offer competitively priced breast augmentation procedures at Rexford Surgical Institute.

Expenses can vary depending on the type of procedure and type of implants selected by the patient. You can be assured of a private and professional consultation with our expert surgeons, review our vast number of before and after patient photos, try on different implants with our consultants and schedule a safe and comfortable breast augmentation procedure performed at our Beverly Hills institute.

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