Don’t Let Your Breasts Keep You Down

A breast lift from RSI can perk you up again.

Many women’s breasts have a bad habit of sagging over time. Common causes include gravity, natural aging, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and weight fluctuations.

Breast lifts are designed to remove sagging or droopy breasts by enhancing your figure with perky breasts that have been reshaped. You will finally be able to wear the clothes that you have been itching to step in to. Breast lift surgery can be a complicated operation and should only be performed by board certified plastic surgeons. The expert plastic surgeons at RSI are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have performed thousands of complicated breast lift procedures.

A breast lift may or may not involve the use of breast implants. If your breasts are not only saggy but have lost significant volume you may require a breast lift with implants. A common error performed by many surgeons is to perform a breast lift by placing very large breast implants. This will often result in very saggy and very large breasts later in life. It is important that a breast lift procedure is done correctly the first time by a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery.

Some patients may require breast lifts without the use of implants or even a reduction in the size of the breasts. When a breast reduction is required during a breast lift in patients suffering from back or shoulder pain, the procedure may be covered by your insurance.

Rexford Surgical Institute is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. Our group of board certified plastic surgeons excel in the art and science of breast plastic surgery and are considered experts in breast lift with or without gummy bear, silicone, and saline breast implants, as well as minimal incision breast lifts. We offer competitively priced breast lift procedures at RSI.

Expenses can vary depending on the type of procedure and type of implants if needed. You can be assured of a private and professional consultation with our expert surgeons, review our vast number of before and after patient photos, try on different implants with our consultants if necessary in your case and schedule a safe and comfortable breast lift procedure performed at our state of the art Beverly Hills institute. We offer a complimentary initial consultation and insurance verification as needed for your type of surgery.

We strive to exceed your expectations here at Rexford Surgical Institute.

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