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Stay Proactive in Preventing Serious Problems

A VIP screening colonoscopy and consultation, can keep you a step ahead.

Many dread colonoscopies, but they offer life-saving benefits. It’s important to know and understand that colon cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

This risk only increases with age. It is recommended that those aged 50 or older receive a screening colonoscopy at some point roughly every 5 years to test for colon cancer or cancerous growths. Those with a family history of cancers, or younger patients with irritable bowel symptoms may need screening much earlier and more often.

Our board certified gastroenterologists at Rexford Surgical Institute (RSI) use the latest technology and techniques to make your procedure as comfortable as possible, while also being cost-effective.

While other centers offer cost-cutting by eliminating an anesthesiologist, we will provide you with an expert anesthesiogist to ensure your optimal safety and comfort during the procedure.

The doctors at RSI are friendly and understand your concern with a procedure that is often deemed as embarrassing or invasive. They have worked with many patients by helping them stay one step ahead.

It’s always good to be proactive. Call us today at 323-487-7288 to schedule a screening colonoscopy with our experienced board certified Gastroenterologists.


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