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Dermatologic Surgery

Dermatology is the medical practice that specializes in the conditions associated with hair, nails, and skin. Common problems include disorders of the skin such as scarring, hair loss, growths, acne, and wrinkles. More severe problems include skin cancer.

Dermatologic treatments include plastic and reconstructive surgery, laser surgery, Moh’s surgery, and other options such as Botox or other cosmetic fillers. Wrinkles or facial appearance conditions are often treated with cosmetic fillers, such as Botox, for prolonged periods. Skin cancer is effectively treated with Moh’s surgery, which requires top-of-the-line expertise to perform. Growths and other skin conditions can be treated with the use of high-tech laser surgery.

Treatment varies from patient to patient but dermatologists at Rexford Surgical Institute make sure that the best treatment options are selected. Our board-certified physicians have all underwent additional years of training in their field, known as fellowships, making sure they are a cut above the rest. With access to higher technology, dermatologists can perform their surgical operations with ease.

RSI welcomes only the best physicians in the field who are all tried and true. Please visit our physician biography section to see just how qualified they are to meet the demands of patients suffering from a variety of ailing conditions. We believe in credentials that patients can trust.

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