Rexford Surgical Center in Beverly Hills

ENT & Sinus Surgery

Millions of Americans suffer from sinus problems every year. Some even struggle daily. As such, the need for ear, nose, and throat surgeons has been increasing over the years as patients are figuring out that they want to treat the cause instead of the symptoms. Using the latest technology, surgeons can tackle the cause by carefully repairing or removing any problems that obstruct the sinus cavities from performing its primary functions. Our goal is to make sure patients can live their lives free of bothersome sinus problems.

The doctors at Rexford Surgical Institute have been highly trained through rigorous training methods in order to significantly improve the quality of life from those suffering ear, nose, and throat problems. The surgeons have performed many surgeries that include removal of tumors from the ears, eyes, larynx, thyroid gland, and other areas that fall above the neckline.

Our doctors realize the importance of ensuring a successful and comfortable post-op recovery for patients. They aim to choose the best practices that will ensure the recovery process be as painless as possible.

Common procedures offered at Rexford Surgical Institute (RSI) are: throat and vocal cord surgery, revision sinus surgery, nasal surgery, deviated septum correction, allergies, thyroid conditions, swallowing disorders, tonsillitis, and other issues related to the ears, nose, and throat.

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