Do your sinuses affect your Quality of Life?

Rexford Surgical Institute is here to make things clear.

Millions of Americans suffer from daily sinus problems. If you suffer from chronic nasal obstruction, mouth breathing and a dry mouth at nights, snoring, fracture of the nose, deviated septum, or any other sinus issues - our board certified experts can help you.

Nasal airway problems can result from different causes such as allergies, a deviated nasal septum, enlarged turbinates, or enlarged polyps. Snoring can be very harmful to your health and can decrease your energy, daily productivity, and even your lifespan.

Sinuses are meant to help us filter out the air we breathe. The mucosal lining in your sinuses helps fend off the many irritants, environmental pollen, chemicals, smoke, dust mites, or other allergens that we breathe in on a daily basis.

Common sinus problems include stuffiness, nasal discharge, facial pressure, diminished smell, congestion, and trouble with breathing. Other conditions such as rhinitis, common colds, a deviated septum, or nasal polyps can also cause a blockage of your sinuses.

Our board certified experts at Rexford Surgical Institute can help you treat the cause of your problem. Stop wasting your money on solutions (i.e. over-the-counter medicines) that only offer temporary relief.

Our doctors are more than qualified to give you the relief you want. They have performed many sinus operations that aim at treating the cause using state of the art Lasers when necessary. Our Laser and minimally invasive procedures are designed to open your nasal passages and allow them them to function properly.

If you wish to improve the look of your nose, by removing a dorsal hump, or improving the shape of the tip, or any other cosmetic issues, our Beverly Hills nose surgeons are ready to help you achieve your desired goals.

Give us a call today at 323-487-7288 to learn more information on how you can benefit from sinus surgery or rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Please also ask us about the exclusive Sinu-Clear laser procedure which eliminates the needs for any packing immediately after surgery.


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