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Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a sub-field of orthopedic surgery, which specializes in conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is a very important system that allows the body to move. As we age, our bones become more frail and susceptible to problems and injuries, which often requires trained professionals.

Rexford Surgical Institute partners only with the best doctors who have had tons of on-hands training and intensive education. Doctors must undergo extensive programs that include years of training before practicing spinal surgery. Their experience combined with the newest technological advancements ensures that patients are in good hands.

Successful surgeries are made possible with surgeons who are experienced in their field. Spine surgeons can tackle a wide array of conditions including herniated discs, pinched nerves, scoliosis, spine fractures, back pains, or other conditions that involve the spinal cord.

It’s important to know that surgery is only performed when other minimally invasive techniques have not been met with success. Our surgeons are fully capable of performing necessary surgical procedures that restore functionality to a patient. Procedures include laminectomies, discectomies, spinal fusions, lumbar disc replacements, lumbar discectomies, and more.

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