Rexford Surgical Center in Beverly Hills

Surgical Aftercare

For our patients who prefer to be referred to an aftercare facility , or as required by their surgeon and anesthesiologist must be transferred to an aftercare facility we work with the Serenity Aftercare in Santa Monica , California.

Serenity provides patient pickup by Limosine, or if needed by elective ambulance service. Serenity is an independent facility and arrangements must be made by your surgeons office prior to your day of surgery.

We value our relationship with Serenity Aftercare and regard them as highly skilled professionals who will work closely with your surgeon in your post-operative care.

Serenity – 2nd Floor
2021 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404
Tel. 310.586.0740

There are other excellent surgical aftercare facilities near Beverly Hills, and aftercare can also be provided by them at your surgeon’s request. Please notify us at least three days before surgery regarding aftercare if you have any questions. Please note that all aftercare arrangements must be made prior to the day of your surgery by your surgeon’s office.